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  • A Greek-English Reference Manual To The Vocabulary Of The Greek New Testament. Based on Tischendorf’s Greek New Testament Text and on Strong’s Greek Lexicon With Some Additions and Amendments

Gesellschaft / Kultur

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Produktart: Buch
Verlag: disserta Verlag
Erscheinungsdatum: 11.2017
AuflagenNr.: 1
Seiten: 600
Sprache: Englisch
Einband: Paperback


Intended for students and busy pastors, this book addresses the needs of readers struggling with any textual portion of Greek New Testament scripture for a quick and handy reference. The word entries (the actual Greek New Testament vocabulary) are directly taken from the Greek text of Tischendorf’s Greek New Testament edition according to the Codex Sinaiticus and linked to the English word definitions and other essential information based on Strong’s renowned Greek-English lexicon. To be used in conjunction with the Greek New Testament and Word Concordance edition (ISBN 978-3-95935-358-8) by the same compiler.

Über den Autor

Dr Schmidt is a retired Bishop of the Christian Missionary Anglican Communion (CMAC) and has various books on Biblical Theology, Church History, Bible Translation and in Comparative Religion to his credit.

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