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  • Study Chinese Characters for the Chinese Language Proficiency Exam. Master All The Chinese Characters for the HSK Exam Levels 1-6. A Textbook & Workbook

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Produktart: Buch
Verlag: disserta Verlag
Erscheinungsdatum: 05.2018
AuflagenNr.: 1
Seiten: 504
Sprache: Englisch
Einband: Paperback


This book teaches the complete Chinese character set with a total of 2636 simplified Chinese characters required for all the six levels of the Chinese language proficiency exam (HSK). Western learners of Chinese are not only introduced to their way of writing but are also given other essential information on them such as pronunciation/transcription according to the Hanyu Pinyin and Bopomofo systems, basic English meaning definitions, radicals, and number of strokes. With textbook and workbook parts and a Chinese character Index at the end of the book. In the workbook part, users can practice the writing of Chinese characters, both guided and non-guided. The material is organised according to the HSK Language Proficiency levels 1 - 6 and within these HSK Language Proficiency level chapters according to their number of strokes. This will enable the user to concentrate on characters unknown and to ignore those already known. An essential textbook and workbook for Western learners of Chinese.

Über den Autor

The editor of this book, Dr Muhammad Schmidt, graduated in Linguistics, Sinology, African, English and German studies as well as Theology and Comparative Religion from universities in Germany and the United States of America and gained rich teaching and research experience at universities worldwide (Europe, Asia, Africa and USA) with numerous publication to his credit.

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