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Produktart: Buch
Verlag: disserta Verlag
Erscheinungsdatum: 03.2017
AuflagenNr.: 1
Seiten: 384
Sprache: Englisch
Einband: Paperback


This ancient Chinese Classic is well-known in the West and has been translated many times. Due to the linguistic vagueness and the difficult state of the original text, all translations are significantly different. Therefore, the aim of this edition is to assist the western reader by including a modern Chinese text version in addition to the original. This newer version is easier to read and understand and enables a parallel, comparative study of both text versions. For both text versions, a Latin-based Hanyu Pinyin transcription is provided as well as a Chinese-English glossary and a Writing Practice section for all the traditional Chinese character forms used in both texts. Intended is the book for both Western learners of Chinese as well as those Western readers interested in the text with only some basic Chinese language skills.

Über den Autor

Dr. Muhammad Wolfgang Schmidt is a well-known and widely read author with a number of publications regarding Christian Theology and Comparative Religion. Works on ancient Chinese Medical and Philosophical Classics complete his repertoire.

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